The Postdoc Association (PDA) represents the post-doctoral researchers of IST Austria. The goal of the PDA is to support and improve the research and social environment for postdocs at the IST Austria.

In particular, the responsibilities of the PDA are:

  • Communicating with the other bodies of the institute (administration, graduate students, faculty) in an efficient and concise manner
  • Organizing social events, primarily intended for postdocs
  • Proposing and realizing scientific events, such as workshops (career planning, grant proposal writing), inviting renowned scientists, etc.
  • Establishing ties to other PDAs in the vicinity of the institute
  • Organizing the Postdoc Mentoring Program

The executive body of the PDA consists of a representative, a vice-representative, a treasurer and a secretary. The current representatives of the PDA are: Giacomo Bighin (representative) and Nicole Amberg (vice-representative). Srdjan Sarikas is Treasurer, Peter Franek Secretary.

The PDA representatives can be contacted at:

Postdoc Association