Social immunity in ants

We study the collective disease defence of ant societies against fungal and bacterial pathogens. We observe the behaviour of healthy ants towards pathogen-exposed and diseased nestmates and determine, how this social contact affects their individual immunity and colony-level disease dynamics.






We organize the Central European Meeting of the IUSSI and a Social Immunity Workshop at IST Austria 19-22.3.2019. For details please see IUSSI 2019

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Workshop: Evo-eco-immunology in solitary and social systems

from left to right: Matthias Fürst, Ernesto Bonadies, Mike Boots, Barbara Casillas Perez, Anna Grasse, Anna Franschitz, Sina Metzler, Barbara Milutinovic, Chris Pull, Megan Kutzer, Sylvia Cremer, Carolina Barillas-Mury