Responsible Research

ISTA is committed to the highest academic standards in research ethics and integrity.

Responsible Research

Research Integrity

Guidelines for Good Scientific Practice
All persons involved in research at Institute of Science and Technology Austria (ISTA) are obliged to adhere to the standards of Good Scientific Practice.

At ISTA, the “Guidelines for Good Scientific Practice” of the Austrian Agency for Research Integrity (Österreichische Agentur für wissenschaftliche Integrität, OeAWI) are in place. They define the principles of integrity in research and scholarship and provide definitions of good scientific practice and of scientific misconduct.

Scientific record keeping
Every person performing experimental work at ISTA has to keep detailed, daily records of the conducted experiments. For scientific record keeping, either a paper lab notebook or an electronic lab notebook can be used.

A well-kept notebook provides a reliable reference for writing up methods and results of a study, for preparation of formal reports, papers, and presentations. A comprehensive notebook permits one to reproduce any part of a methodology completely and accurately. It can be an invaluable source of information for a variety of purposes, including demonstration of adherence to standards of good scientific practice and of academic and ethical integrity. In addition, it is a legally valid record for determination of claims of discovery where new inventions are concerned.

Ombudspersons for Good Scientific Practice at ISTA:
Mario de Bono (
Verena Seiboth (

The Ombudspersons can be addressed by scientists and other employees of ISTA regarding questions or reports about a possible incidence of misconduct related to scientific or academic behavior, teaching, and/or scientific supervision at ISTA.

Research Ethics

Every scientist should take ethical principles and responsible approaches to research into account and should ensure that her/his work is in agreement with such principles. Researchers thus have a professional responsibility to critically reflect on potential ethical limitations of their research. In addition to the obligation of scientists to adhere to legal provisions, a responsible approach towards research involves avoiding or minimizing the risks of harm to humans and the environment and potential misuse (dual use) of their research results.

Ethics Officer: Verena Seiboth ( or

In order to ensure the maintenance of high ethical research standards at ISTA, the Ethics Officer and the Ethics Committee can be consulted on questions regarding ethical issues of research projects at ISTA.

Ethics Committee

The Ethics Committee can be consulted on ethical issues regarding ongoing and planned research projects. If addressed with an inquiry, the Ethics Committee evaluates potential ethical risks of planned and ongoing research projects and scientific approaches, and issues a recommendation if the respective research projects should be performed as outlined in the project description. It does not, however, evaluate topics regulated by law in Austria. In those cases permission from the respective governmental authorities needs to be obtained.

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