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Imaging & Optics Facility

The Imaging & Optics Facility team supports scientists at Institute of Science and Technology Austria (ISTA) by providing a elaborate machine park with state-of-the-art microscope equipment, flow devices and diverse image analysis options.

Machine park: Our machine park consists of a wide selection of imaging platforms, such as: Widefield, Confocal, Multiphoton, Spinning disc, TIRF, Light sheet, Force probing, Bioluminescence imaging, as well as Fluorescence-Assisted Cell Analyser and -Sorters, and Image analysis workstations with advanced software options. For advanced applications, additional accessories, optical tools and high-end objectives are available via our Automated Rental System.

Imaging applications: Our machine park offers a wide spectrum of imaging applications for fixed-tissue slide-scanning, live imaging (+ climate control: temperature, humidity, CO2/O2), Fluorescent Life-time Imaging Microscopy (FLIM) & time-gated acquisition, Laser Assisted Microdissection & Fluorescent Recovery After Photobleach (FRAP), Multi-angle (360°) TIRF, Super resolution (Airyscan I & II, SORA, SRRF-stream, dSTROM), Second Harmonics Generation Microscopy (SHG), Wavelength profiling (excitation & emission Lambda scans).

Teach and Tech: The Imaging & Optics facility further provides trainings, courses, instrument demonstrations, workshops and is involved in outreach events. We offer advanced expertise in Fluorescence-assisted cells sorting services (FACS), custom Image Analysis (deconvolution, scripting, machine learning), project based imaging automation (feedback microscopy) solutions on a broad selection of imaging platforms and custom optical development services.

For specific further facility details, please visit the Imaging & Optics Facility web page:

On this site:


The Imaging & Optics Facility team provides the following services:

  • Basic and advanced application trainings for best use of facility equipment
  • Support in Cytometry, Microscopy and Image Analysis applications
  • Project-based customization in:
    • optical design
    • automation
    • image analysis (incl. custom image analysis scripts and machine learning)
    • flow cytometry analysis

To use our services, the following steps are needed: 

  • Contact our team at; (for external customers only: cooperation contract between ISTA and your institution is necessary before you can obtain services) 
  • All users need to obtain special training from a Imaging & Optics Facility staff member for any piece of equipment that is required in your research. The training is obligatory before you use any piece of equipment for the first time.
  • Detailed guidelines can be found here


Imaging & Optics Facility Machine park:

Teaching and Outreach

The Imaging & Optics Facility is involved in different teaching and outreach events:

  • Annual (Graduate School) Microscopy course
  • Introduction to Newcomers to the Imaging & Optics Facility (mandatory)
  • Open Campus Day
  • Technological Workshops and Seminars
  • Equipment demonstrations


Image of Tereza Belinova

Tereza Belinova

Image Analysis

+43 2243 9000 2151

Image of Yann Cesbron

Yann Cesbron

Advanced Microscopy

+43 2243 9000 2151

Image of Marco Dalla Vecchia

Marco Dalla Vecchia

Technician Microscopy & Cytometry

+43 2243 9000 2294

Image of Nasser Darwish-Miranda

Nasser Darwish-Miranda

Advanced Microscopy

Image of Alazne Dominguez Monedero

Alazne Dominguez Monedero

Advanced Microscopy

Image of Shadi Gharagozlou

Shadi Gharagozlou


Image of Mohammad Goudarzi

Mohammad Goudarzi

Advanced Microscopy

+43 2243 9000 2151

Image of Robert Hauschild

Senior Staff Scientist

+43 2243 9000 1047

Image of Bernhard Hochreiter

Bernhard Hochreiter

Advanced Microscopy

Image of Elias Jantsch

Elias Jantsch

Microscopy Quality Control/student empl.

Image of Gabriel Krens

Gabriel Krens

Manager of Imaging and Optics Facility

+43 2243 9000 1700

Image of Doreen Milius

Doreen Milius

Advanced Microscopy

+43 2243 9000 1061

Image of Maximilian Schuster

Maximilian Schuster

Technician Microscopy & Cytometry

+43 2243 9000 2217

Image of Judit Singer

Judit Singer

Advanced Microscopy

Image of Christoph Sommer

Christoph Sommer

Staff Scientist

Image of Aysan Yahya

Aysan Yahya

Technician Microscopy & Cytometry

+43 2243 9000 2216


Institute of Science and Technology Austria
c/o Imaging & Optics Facility
Am Campus 1, A-3400 Klosterneuburg, Austria

Office: Bertalanffy Foundation building, ground floor

Scientific Head of Imaging & Optics Facility:
Mario de Bono

Contact for general facility questions:

Contact Manager:

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