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Quiet space & tools to finish a paper or the thesis

The library offers not only a quiet place to learn and study, but also a collection of online courses and tutorials. Additionally, the library provides useful information on citation management software, which can be especially useful when finishing a thesis.

The Physical Library

The physical library is located on the third floor of the Central Building and is open 24/7.

The following videos provide a brief introduction to the services of the library.

Tools and services to find the literature you need for research
Tools and services how to publish & communicate about your research results

Online courses recommended by the library

The library team created a list with interesting online courses, videos and articles about topics such as Research Data, Open Access and Copyright that have an impact on your research and can help you get ready for the future. All topics become even more important in case you apply for FWF and ERC grants.
Let us help you to deepen your knowledge on research related topics.

Reference Management Software

Reference management software, also known as citation management software or personal bibliographic management, is software that allows you to record and use citations when creating bibliographies. These programs will let you import citations from various databases and websites, build and organize bibliographies and format citations for papers.

Our favorite applications are:





Learn more about citation management software

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