Scientific Computing

This scientific service unit supports scientists for any scientific computing needs they may have.

Its staff operates a High-Performance Computing (HPC) Cluster and provides procurement and licensing services for scientific software.

They are also in contact with the VSC, the cluster for academic and research institutes in Austria, for which they can provide access to resources and support.

For general IT questions (purchase of standard equipment, end user support, file systems, accounts and access,…) please visit the IST Austria IT Homepage at:

On this site:


Services offered by the facility:

  • High-Performance Computing Cluster at IST Austria
  • Procurement, licensing and support for scientific software
  • Software engineering specifically for HPC applications (MPI, MP, CUDA, machine learning,…)
  • Software development for research groups


HPC Cluster

  • 110 compute nodes and 19 GPU nodes (with at least 4 GPUs) running Debian Linux
  • each node at least 64GB of RAM, 16CPU cores, InfiniBand, NFS storage through IPoIB/RDMA
  • 60 nodes are connected via EDR 100Gps InfiniBand, 128GB RAM
  • 10 nodes with >256GB RAM, largest node at the moment 2TB RAM
  • Job scheduling system: SLURM
  • Software/Support/Optimizations for different fields of interest: Cryo EM, Fluid Dynamics, Evolutionary Biology, Bioinformatics (Genome Sequencing), Machine Learning, Image Processing, Cryptography, Mathematics, Algorithms, Applied Physics, Quantum Physics

Cluster Storage

High-performance cluster storage is distributed onto different nodes with a total capacity of 1.2PB, which is increased with the growing demand of the scientists.

IST IT Lectures

Introduction to the IST Austria IT for Newcomers

More information is available here.

IT Security Awareness training

More information is available here.



Institute of Science and Technology Austria
c/o Scientific Computing
Am Campus 1, A-3400 Klosterneuburg, Austria

Office: 2nd Administration Building, Ground floor

Scientific Head of Scientific Computing:
Christopher Wojtan

Contact for facility questions:

Contact Manager:

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