PhD-student/Postdoctoral Researcher (2010-2015)

Currently on Maternity leave

Lab publications


Pathogen adaptation in experimental evolution

My PhD thesis and postdoctoral work focused on the temporal pattern of adaptation of fungal pathogens (Metarhizium spp.) in the ant Linepithema humile. In an evolution experiment I will assess the evolvability and speed of adaptation of the pathogen to this social host species. I will determine the changes in pathogenicity and transmission efficiency that occur over time by comparing the ancestral versus evolved strains as well as determine the defences of L. humile towards the pathogen.


2014-2015          Postdoctoral Researcher, IST Austria, Austria


2010-2014           PhD thesis

                                    since Nov 2010 IST Austria, Austria
                                    Feb to Oct 2010 University of Regensburg, Germany

2010                    Diploma in Biology, University of Regensburg, Germany


2004-2010           Studies in Biology, University of Regensburg, Germany