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Research Data Policy

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Date: 01-October-21

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1 Introduction & Application of Research Data Policy

1.1. Research Data “refers to information, in particular facts or numbers, collected to be examined and considered as a basis for reasoning, discussion, or calculation. In a research context, examples of data include statistics, results of experiments, measurements, observations resulting from fieldwork, survey results, interview recordings and images. The focus is on research data that is available in digital form.” (“Research Data“) – as defined by the European Comission.

1.2. Research Software is not covered by this policy

1.3. The Research Data policy is binding for all employees of IST Austria conducting research projects with IST Austria resources. Research projects funded by third parties, or cooperation agreements incorporating specific terms regarding ownership, access and storage in the underlying funding agreement that conflict with this Research Data Policy can only be entered in exceptional cases and following legal review and justification.

1.4. The Institute of Science and Technology Austria (IST Austria) acknowledges the management of Research Data and records as fundamental to both high quality research and academic integrity; and therefore, it seeks to promote the highest standards therein.

1.5. IST Austria recognizes that accurate and retrievable Research Data are an essential component of any research project and necessary to verify and defend, when required, the process and outcomes of research. Research Data are valuable to researchers for the duration of their research, and may well have long-term value for other research projects, academia and for widespread use in society. Therefore, the sharing and publishing of data is highly encouraged.

1.6. Related Policies and Guidelines

1.6.1. IST Personal Research Data Policy
1.6.2. IST Data Protection Policy
1.6.3. IT Guidelines on Research Data Handling
1.6.4. Guidelines for Good Scientific Practice
1.6.5. IST Rules for Scientific Record keeping
1.6.6. Research Software Policy
1.6.7. IST Rules for Professors and Rules for Employees (especially IP regulations)

2 Main Statement of the Research Data policy

2.1. Rights to access

2.1.1. Under the employment agreements, IST Austria is entitled to receive the work results and has the right of disposal (which includes retention of ownership and retention of the right to commercialize).

2.1.2. IST Austria authorizes researchers who fall within the scope of this policy to publish data and assign licenses or waivers. In case a Principal Investigator leaves IST Austria, they may take a copy of Research Data (published and unpublished) generated by them, provided this does not conflict with Data Protection and Intellectual Property rights. When researchers are no longer employees of IST Austria, the same rules apply, but prior consultation and consent of their Principal Investigator is necessary.  

2.1.3. The rights to commercialization rest with IST Austria, as defined in the Rules for Professors/Rules for Employees.

2.1.4. Prior to Research Data publication, researchers must clarify details on the publication with their Principal Investigator.

2.2. Management of Research Data

2.2.1. Research Data and records are required to be: Accurate, complete, authentic and reliable; Identifiable, retrievable, and available within an adequate time period when needed; Reasonably secure and safe; Handled and kept in a manner that is compliant with legal obligations and, where applicable, the requirements of funding bodies and project-specific protocols; In line with appropriate ethical and data sharing principles in case of sharing with others; Retained for as long as specified by research funder, patent law, legislative and other regulatory requirements.

2.2.2. If Research Data and records are to be deleted or destroyed, this has to be done in accordance with legal, ethical, research funder and collaborator requirements, and with particular concern for confidentiality and security.

2.2.3. IST Austria requires Research Data to: Be stored and archived on infrastructure provided by IST Austria.

2.2.4. IST Austria recommends and authorizes researchers to: Deposit and make Research Data openly available via a suitable subject repository or the institutional repository. For the reason of reproducibility and validation, this is especially true for Research Data that is underlying a publication. Publish Research Data under a free licence or use waivers for open use – such as Creative Commons, CC0 – as long as no legal requirements or property laws prohibit it, and provided the publication is not detrimental to the process of securing and commercializing Intellectual Property rights.

2.3. Responsibilities

The responsibility for research data management during and after a research project lies with IST Austria and its researchers.

2.3.1. IST Austria will use its best efforts for providing: Appropriate resources for planning, deploying and operating of related infrastructure and services; Researchers with access to training, support and advice in Research Data and records management; The retention of all Research Data archived on or published via IST Austria infrastructure.  

2.3.2. Principal Investigators are responsible for: The retention of a copy of all Research Data produced in the course of a project and for providing secure access of IST Austria to it as long it is not published via or archived on IST Austria infrastructure. Briefing all group members on the policy and ensuring their compliance.

2.3.3. Researchers are responsible within their best efforts for: Managing Research Data and records in accordance with the requirements described in section 2.2; Ensuring access to the data for the responsible Principal Investigator; Developing and documenting clear procedures for the collection, storage, use, re-use, access, and retention or destruction of the Research Data and records associated with their research. This shall include, where appropriate, defining protocols and responsibilities in a joint or multi-institution collaborative research project. As guiding principle, a Research Data Management Plan can be used. Backup during the project phase and ongoing custodianship after project completion, in case of using storage resources not provided by IST Austria. If using IST Austria infrastructure, IST Austria provides backup and archiving strategies according to the necessities outlined in this document and other related policies. Compliance with all organisational, regulatory, institutional and other contractual and legal requirements, both with regard to Research Data, as well as the administration of research records.

3. Signatures

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