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Evolutionary Genomics

How did living organisms become the way we know them today? The Kondrashov lab is focused on understanding the natural world in an evolutionary context, typically focusing on studying genetic information due the abundance of DNA and protein sequence data.

Kondrashov and his group do not restrict themselves to studying specific functions or phenotypes, instead, a staple feature of their research is a focus on how functions and phenotypes change over time. Therefore, their research is inherently interdisciplinary, grounded in classical evolutionary fields of population genetics and molecular evolution while drawing from other fields, such as cell and molecular biology, bioinformatics, and biophysics. Recently, the group has become increasingly interested in the experimental assay of fitness landscapes. Combining experiments, theory, and computational biology, they query how changes in the genotype affect fitness or specific phenotypes. In the near future, they hope to expand their experimental capabilities in order to query a wider range of interesting phenotypes in a high-throughput manner.

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Current Projects

Empirical fitness landscapes | Protein evolution in the context of epistasis | Population genomics of the spoon-billed sandpiper


Pokusaeva V, Usmanova DR, Putintseva EV, Espinar L, Sarkisyan K, Mishin AS, Bogatyreva NS, Ivankov D, Akopyan A, Avvakumov S, Povolotskaya IS, Filion GJ, Carey LB, Kondrashov F. 2019. An experimental assay of the interactions of amino acids from orthologous sequences shaping a complex fitness landscape. PLoS Genetics. 15(4), e1008079. View

Kotlobay AA, Sarkisyan K, Mokrushina YA, Marcet-Houben M, Serebrovskaya EO, Markina NM, Gonzalez Somermeyer L, Gorokhovatsky AY, Vvedensky A, Purtov KV, Petushkov VN, Rodionova NS, Chepurnyh TV, Fakhranurova L, Guglya EB, Ziganshin R, Tsarkova AS, Kaskova ZM, Shender V, Abakumov M, Abakumova TO, Povolotskaya IS, Eroshkin FM, Zaraisky AG, Mishin AS, Dolgov SV, Mitiouchkina TY, Kopantzev EP, Waldenmaier HE, Oliveira AG, Oba Y, Barsova E, Bogdanova EA, Gabaldón T, Stevani CV, Lukyanov S, Smirnov IV, Gitelson JI, Kondrashov F, Yampolsky IV. 2018. Genetically encodable bioluminescent system from fungi. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. 115(50), 12728–12732. View

Usmanova DR, Bogatyreva NS, Ariño Bernad J, Eremina AA, Gorshkova AA, Kanevskiy GM, Lonishin LR, Meister AV, Yakupova AG, Kondrashov F, Ivankov D. 2018. Self-consistency test reveals systematic bias in programs for prediction change of stability upon mutation. Bioinformatics. 34(21), 3653–3658. View

Zapata L, Pich O, Serrano L, Kondrashov F, Ossowski S, Schaefer M. 2018. Negative selection in tumor genome evolution acts on essential cellular functions and the immunopeptidome. Genome Biology. 19. View

Hönigschmid P, Bykova N, Schneider R, Ivankov D, Frishman D. 2018. Evolutionary interplay between symbiotic relationships and patterns of signal peptide gain and loss. Genome Biology and Evolution. 10(3), 928–938. View

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since 2017 Professor, IST Austria
since 2012 Scientific Director of the School of Molecular and Theoretical Biology
2011 – 2017 ICREA Research Professor, Centre for Genomic Regulation, Barcelona, Spain
2008 – 2017 Junior Group Leader, Centre for Genomic Regulation, Barcelona, Spain
2008 PhD, University of California, San Diego, USA

Selected Distinctions

2017 ERC Consolidator Grant
2016 Plan Estatal, Spanish Ministry of Economics and Competitiveness
2016 Zimin Foundation Grant for School of Molecular and Theoretical Biology
2014 ERC Starting Grant
2013 Plan Nacional Grant, Spanish Ministry of Economics and Competitiveness
2012 Howard Hughes Medical Institute International Early Career Scientist Award
2011 EMBO Young Investigator Award
2010 Theodosius Dobzhansky Prize from Society for the Study of Evolution
2010 Plan Nacional Grant, Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation
2005 National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellow

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