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Because of the high selection pressures involved, host-parasite interactions and their coevolution have been recognised as a powerful evolutionary force driving the process of adaptation. Parasites affect the fitness of their hosts enormously, because they steal host resources and induce severe damage, often killing the host. Hosts, however, have evolved many different ways to resist parasites and minimise the detrimental effects to their fitness, these include behavioural, physical, physiological and immunological defences. I am interested in investigating such antagonistic interactions using ants and entomopathogenic bacterium Bacillus thuringiensis, which naturally infects its hosts via the gut. Little is known about the interaction between ant societies and Bacillus thuringiensis bacteria and I plan to investigate responses of both of the antagonists, and specifically focus on characterising ant individual immunological defences, as well as collective disease defences (behavioural defences) by which ants cope with this bacterium.


2014-current  Postdoctoral researcher, IST Austria, Austria

                             (ISTFELLOW program (Co-fund Marie Curie Actions of the European Commission))

2009-2014      PhD in Evolutionary biology, University of Münster, Germany


2003-2009      Diploma in Biology, University of Zagreb, Croatia