There are two main types of internships at IST Austria:
1) independent internships, and 2) ISTernships.

 ISTernships  Independent internships 
 When they take place Summer  Anytime throughout the year 
 How to apply  Via our yearly open call  Directly to individual professors 

Find out more about each option:
- Independent internships
- ISTernships

Independent internships

Students who are either pursuing or have obtained a bachelor’s or a master’s degree in a science subject, and who are interested in doing an internship at IST Austria may apply to the respective group leader directly.

Find out more about independent research groups.


IST Austria offers summer internships to outstanding students interested in basic research in Biology, Computer Science, Mathematics, Physics, Neuroscience and interdisciplinary areas.
Interns will choose a group to work in, will be assigned a specific project and will conduct research under the close supervision of one of the members of the faculty and, for experimental labs, a lab mentor.
Interns will receive an introduction to research at IST Austria as well as an introduction to the IST Austria Graduate School. The program culminates with a research symposium, where the interns present their work to their peers, faculty and lab mentors.
Internships are full-time and will be conducted exclusively in English.
Eligibility: Candidates must be enrolled Bachelor- or Master of Science students in good standing at a degree granting institution. They must have completed at least the fourth semester of their bachelor's studies (before the respective start date).
Duration: 8 – 12 weeks between May 15 and September 15  

For more information see the ISTernship FAQ. Click here for a list of participating professors.

The application deadline for the ISTernship program for the summer of 2017 is February 15th.

Start your application process here!

ISTernship Program Information

Successful applicants will receive assistance regarding travel and visa arrangements.

Each successful candidate will receive compensation to assist with the cost of living in Austria and travel to and from Austria.

ISTernship events

There are a number of events either specifically organized for ISTerns or open to ISTerns aimed at making your time at IST Austria as valuable as possible.

  • Weekly presentations providing short overviews of the research conducted in groups at IST Austria conducted by the relevant professors or their post docs.
  • Invitation to the annual IST Austria barbeque (June).
  • Annual poster session in which ISTerns prepare a poster detailing their research project at IST Austria (August). 

Additional benefits of the ISTernship program

  • Monthly compensation
  • Access to affordable health insurance
  • Allowance for travel costs
  • Subsidized housing
  • On campus housing available
  • Free access to IST Austria shuttle bus with hourly service to Vienna

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