Faculty Ad

The Institute of Science and Technology Austria (IST Austria) searches for Professors and Assistant Professors in physics, chemistry, biology, neuroscience, earth science, mathematics, computer science, and interdisciplinary areas.

Call for Professor and Assistant Professor applications


Apply here for Professor and Assistant Professor.

We accept applications for Assistant Professor positions at any time. However, please be aware that it may take several months to process an application.

We encourage researchers with 6 or more years of leading an independent research group to apply for the position of Professor.

Professors and Assistant Professors are offered competitive salaries and research budgets, but they are also expected to apply for external research funds.

IST Austria values diversity and is committed to equality. Our Dual Career Advice office provides special support for dual-career couples. Female researchers are encouraged to apply.

Tenure Track at IST Austria

IST Austria hires Professors and tenure-track Assistant Professors as independent group leaders. The employment contract of an Assistant Professor has a duration of five years, while the contract of a Professor is unlimited. However, every offer to an Assistant Professor contains the promise that after five years, there will be an evaluation by international peers of his or her scientific accomplishments, and the outcome of that evaluation will determine if the Assistant Professor will be promoted to Professor.

While the history of IST Austria is too short for historical data on a “tenure rate,” the philosophy of the Institute is to hire an Assistant Professor only if he or she can be expected to obtain tenure. The Institute wants all of its Assistant Professors to succeed and supports them in any way it can. There is no competition for a limited number of tenured “slots” between the Assistant Professors of the Institute.

Research Culture at IST Austria

The science at IST Austria is structured as to minimize internal hierarchies and boundaries. There are no departments; the independent research group, headed by a Professor or Assistant Professor, is the only organizational unit. We believe that an intermediate size of research groups will maximize the impact that IST Austria can have in international science and graduate education. A research group consists of up to 15 PhD students and postdocs, who are supervised by the group leader. The group leaders are the only scientific career positions at IST Austria. The Institute strives to maintain an interactive atmosphere, sharing space and other resources between research groups whenever possible, and facilitating cross-disciplinary collaborations. 

Graduate School of IST Austria

IST Austria has two core missions: performing scientific research at a world-class level, and educating new generations of scientists. PhD students are admitted centrally by the Graduate School and go through a multi-disciplinary training, which involves courses and rotation projects with several research groups, before they choose their thesis supervisors.  Every Professor and Assistant Professor of IST Austria is expected to participate in the Graduate School.