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We are looking for outstanding group leaders in all fields of science


Das Institute of Science and Technology Austria (ISTA) beruft jedes Jahr Professorinnen und Professoren in allen Bereichen der Naturwissenschaften inklusive Astronomie, Chemie, Erdwissenschaften, Informatik, Life Sciences, Mathematik und Physik. Angeboten werden Tenure Track Assistant Professuren und unbefristete Professuren.

Alle weiteren Details zur Bewerbung finden Sie auf dieser Seite in englischer Sprache.

On this site:

ASSISTANT PROFESSOR (tenure-track) and PROFESSOR (tenured) positions
in all areas of sciences including
Astronomy, Chemistry, Computer Science, Earth Sciences, Life Sciences, Mathematics, and Physics.

We invite applications for several open positions in all areas of the above-mentioned disciplines as well as in related and interdisciplinary fields.

We offer:

  • Thriving international and interdisciplinary research environment with English as the working language
  • Collaborative atmosphere that promotes interaction and knowledge sharing among research groups
  • State-of-the-art facilities and scientific support services
  • Attractive salary and generous start-up package, ensuring you have the resources necessary to establish and lead a successful research group
  • Guaranteed annual base funding including dedicated funding for PhD students and postdocs, enabling you to build up a dynamic research team
  • International graduate school with highly selective admissions criteria and a comprehensive educational program, training the next generation of scientific leaders
  • PhD program with a unique blend of interdisciplinary coursework and research group rotations, attracting scholars from diverse backgrounds
  • Professional development opportunities
  • Employee Assistance Program, providing assistance with professional and personal challenges
  • Dual-career support, advising your spouse or partner on finding local career opportunities
  • Childcare facilities on campus (for children aged 3 months until primary school age)
  • Commitment to fostering a diverse and inclusive working environment
  • Close proximity to Vienna, consistently ranked among the most liveable cities worldwide, offering a wealth of cultural and recreational opportunities

ISTA values diversity and is committed to equal opportunities. We strongly encourage individuals from underrepresented groups to apply.

The deadlines of our annual call (October 25, 2023 and December 1, 2023) have passed.
We will also accept applications after the deadline. However, then the decision making may take longer, as we prefer to process applications, whenever possible, in parallel.

To apply online please click here.

For enquiries, please visit FAQ.

For questions that are not covered in FAQ, please contact

Your application includes your curriculum vitae (with a list of publications) and a research statement including a description of your scientific accomplishments and planned research activities. We will confirm receipt of your application immediately and notify you about its status at the latest six months after the call deadline.

If your application passes the first round of selection, we will contact your referees.

Shortlisted applicants will be invited for an interview usually from January to March and asked to provide a Community Engagement Statement of no more than two pages addressing the questions:

What are the pressing challenges you see for your scientific community?

How have you addressed these challenges in the past and how would you like to address them in the future?

Applicants should provide a narrative statement – not simply a list of committees or activities – regarding initiatives they have been/are/would like to be involved in. Topics may include: leadership, building a positive research culture, diversity & inclusion, research ethics & integrity, open access, sustainability, science education, outreach, contributions to policy, tech transfer etc. Applicants should explain why they chose these topics, their efforts in making a positive contribution, and their outcomes. This statement will be a basis for discussion as part of the interview.

Tenure-track and tenured positions

Assistant professors at ISTA are independent group leaders with an initial contract of six years, at the end of which they are reviewed by international peers.  A positive evaluation leads to promotion to the tenured professor position.

Candidates for tenured professors are distinguished scientists in their respective research fields and typically have at least six years of experience in leading a research group.

There is no limit on the number of tenured “slots”: we want all of our assistant professors to become tenured, and we support them in any way we can.


“Being an assistant professor at ISTA means having the freedom and resources to explore cutting-edge challenges in my disciplines. To have the opportunity to open a new research pole in such a dynamic institute and to witness the promising development of my group is priceless.”
Lisa BUGNET, ISTA Faculty since 2023


Research culture at ISTA

ISTA recognizes the importance of academic freedom in the advancement of science. The Institute fosters an interactive, collegial, and supportive atmosphere, sharing space and resources between research groups whenever possible, and facilitating cross-disciplinary collaborations. The organization tries to minimize internal hierarchies and boundaries. The main organizational research unit is the independent research group, headed by a professor or an assistant professor.

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So many of the most exciting directions in science do not fit neatly into the traditional departmental paradigm and instead span multiple or even many disciplines. Research at ISTA is not influenced by departmental constraints because we have no departments — what’s valued is that you develop creative and innovative ideas that challenge the boundaries of scientific knowledge.

Carl GOODRICH, ISTA Faculty since 2020

Graduate School of ISTA

One of ISTA’s core missions is to educate and guide PhD students towards becoming leading experts in their fields. Our Graduate School offers a cutting-edge, interdisciplinary PhD program designed to foster collaboration among research groups and disciplines.

Our rigorous PhD selection process ensures that we recruit top talents from all around the world. Once admitted, students become part of close-knit research groups, with each group comprising up to 15 members. This setting promotes close interactions among different groups and enables direct and personalized supervision for each PhD student.

Professors play an essential role in the success of our PhD program. Through mentoring during research rotations and teaching in our interdisciplinary core courses or specialized field-specific classes, they empower students to reach their full potential.

ISTA’s Graduate School fosters an environment that not only promotes academic excellence but also cultivates a spirit of collaboration, curiosity, and innovation.

At ISTA, graduate students have the opportunity to develop their technical skills but also to truly broaden their scientific interests, and this makes our research more creative and interdisciplinary.”

Beatriz VICOSO, ISTA Faculty since 2015


Diversity and inclusion

At ISTA, equity, diversity and inclusion are core values that we see as essential for creating and disseminating new knowledge and for taking science into new directions. ISTA strives for a diverse community with an open, inclusive culture where scientists and staff of all expertise and backgrounds, regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, cultural background, religion, sexual orientation, and physical disabilities, can work and learn together. For more information, including our Gender Equality Plan, please refer to:

The balance between work and family life is a significant challenge for employees and employers. Since its beginning, ISTA has dedicated staff to support employees with family questions, and continuously tries to provide services which enable employees to balance family and work.

To this aim, ISTA participates in the Work and Family Audit since 2014. This 3-year Audit cycle helps organizations to evaluate and implement family-friendly measures under the supervision of the Austrian Federal Ministry of Women, Families and Youth.

Family support includes a kindergarten on campus (for children from 3 months until 6 years old) and a Dual Career Office.

ISTA as host institution for ERC applications

ISTA can only be listed as host institution on your ERC (or other grant) application once ISTA has offered you a position as (assistant) professor.

The deadlines of your annual call (October 25, 2023 and December 1, 2023) have passed.
We will also accept applications after the deadline. However, then the decision making may take longer, as we prefer to process applications, whenever possible, in parallel.

To apply online please click here.

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