We are looking for outstanding group leaders in all fields of science


ASSISTANT PROFESSOR (tenure-track) and PROFESSOR positions
in all areas of natural sciences including
chemistry, computer science, life sciences, mathematics, and physics.

We invite applications for several open positions in all areas of the above-mentioned disciplines as well as in related and interdisciplinary fields, such as earth and environmental sciences.

We especially encourage female researchers to apply.

In addition, we especially welcome applications from the following areas:
Data sciences, including statistics, optimization, machine learning, bioinformatics, computational neuroscience, numerical methods, simulation, and visualization
Chemistry, including biochemistry, chemical biology, synthetic chemistry, physical chemistry, and materials chemistry
Computer systems, including distributed and operating systems, databases, networks, and robotics

We offer:

•    Highly international and interdisciplinary research environment that attracts outstanding PhD students and postdocs
•     State-of the art facilities and a wide range of scientific support services, such as nanofabrication facility, electron microscopy facility, bioimaging facility, life science facility, mechanical and electronic machine shop, scientific computing facility, preclinical facility (rodents), chemistry facilities (will be opened in 2021)
•     Competitive start-up package and salary
•     Guaranteed, annual base funding
•     Support for acquiring third-party funds
•     Wide portfolio of career support such as mentoring and coaching
•     Child-care facilities on campus (for children from 3 months till 6 years old)

The deadline of applications is October 31, 2019.

To apply online please click here.

Your application includes your curriculum vitae (with a list of publications), and a research statement including a description of your scientific accomplishments and planned research activities.
If your application passes the first round of selection we will contact your referees. We will invite all shortlisted applicants for interviews, which usually take place from January to April. We will confirm receipt of your application immediately and notify you about its status at the latest six months after the call deadline.
We will also accept applications after the deadline. However, then the decision making may take longer, as we prefer to process applications, whenever possible, in parallel.

Tenure-track and tenured positions

Candidates for tenured professors are distinguished scientists in their respective research fields and have at least six years of experience in leading a research group.
Assistant professors at IST Austria are independent group leaders with an initial contract of six years, at the end of which they are reviewed by international peers. If the evaluation is positive, an assistant professor is promoted to a tenured professor.
IST Austria appoints assistant professors only if we believe in their potential to obtain tenure. There is no limit on the number of tenured “slots”: we want all of our assistant professors to become tenured, and we support them in any way we can.

Research culture at IST Austria

IST Austria recognizes the importance of academic freedom in the advancement of science. The Institute fosters an interactive, collegial, and supportive atmosphere, sharing space and resources between research groups whenever possible, and facilitating cross-disciplinary collaborations. The organization tries to minimize internal hierarchies and boundaries. Currently, without departments, the only organizational research unit is the independent research group, headed by a professor or an assistant professor.

Graduate School of IST Austria

Our PhD program involves a multi-disciplinary course schedule and rotations in research labs. We hire scholars from diverse international backgrounds. Every professor and assistant professor at IST Austria contributes to the success of the Graduate School by designing and teaching courses, and by continuously developing their mentoring and leadership skills. The size of the research groups (up to 15 members) allows for close interaction between groups and direct supervision of PhD students.

Diversity and inclusion

IST Austria values diversity and is committed to equal opportunities and fairness. In 2014, the Institute received the Work-and-Family certificate from the Austrian Federal Ministry of Families and Youth and committed itself to a new cycle of the audit (2017-2020) in order to address the Institute’s steady growth and changing needs. Family support includes a kindergarten on campus (for children from 3 months till 6 years old) and a Dual Career Advice Office.

IST Austria as host institution for ERC applications

IST Austria can only be listed as host institution on your ERC (or other grant) application once IST Austria has offered you a position as (assistant) professor.

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