PhD student

Lymph nodes are strategically positioned rendezvous points for the cells of the immune system to interact and facilitate immune surveillance and adaptive immunity.  Stromal cells form the backbone of these organs and are organised in a 3D network that supports the migration and compartmentalisation of immune cells and produce an ECM structure coined conduits that support the transport of small lymph borne soluble antigens through the organ.
Following an inflammatory response lymph nodes rapidly increase in size (up to 10fold) to accommodate an adaptive immune response.

My research focuses on understanding the role of stromal cells and conduits in lymph node swelling following an immunological challenge. I make use of genetic mouse models and various imaging modalities and physical probing tools. Secondly I am unraveling the complex (ultra)structural interactions between the stromal- and immune cells surrounding conduits by 3D reconstructing scanning electron microscopy array tomography acquisitions.


Bertalanffy Foundation Building (2nd floor, I04)

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