"If someone decides to make a considerable donation to us, I see this primarily as proof that we are on the right track concerning the development and the basic principles of IST Austria".
Thomas Henzinger, IST Austria President

IST Austria encourages Austrian companies and foundations to make donations. So far, about 7 million Euros have been received from various companies with the help of the Austrian Federation of Industry. The list of the companies that made a considerable donation includes such major Austrian businesses as voestalpine AG, Raiffeisen Konsortium, OMV AG, and the Mondi Group.

The donation by the Invicta foundation of the Austrian entrepreneur Peter Bertalanffy of 10 million Euros is the largest single gift to a scientific institution in the last 100 years of Austrian philanthropy. In recognition, the first laboratory building of IST Austria was named "Bertalanffy Foundation Building". IST Austria also names smaller units, such as seminar rooms, in recognition of donors.

Grants are another way of contributing to IST Austria. For the time being, a group of young scientists can conduct research thanks to OMV fellowships. In the future it is planned to establish an endowment that will let IST Austria fund also named chairs for professors and named fellowships for PhD students, postdocs, and visiting scientists.

Bertalanffy Foundation Building