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Open Campus

A big science party for the whole family

Open Campus

Once again, ISTA is opening its doors to the public on the annual Open Campus Day. On June 9, from 12pm to 6pm, the campus holds a big science party for the whole family. Various exciting activities await you!

Due to the limited parking situation on site, we kindly ask you to arrive using our shuttle busHere you can find all the details about the journey with the ISTA Shuttle.

The Open Campus takes place within the framework of the WIENXTRA Children’s Active Program.


12 pmInteractive workshops, children’s programs, street food
2pm-3pmWelcome words & “Crazy Science Show”
2pm-5pmCampus tours
4:30pm-5pm“Crazy Science Show”

On this site:

Fun for the whole family

Get a glimpse of what our researchers work on during the Science Exhibitions and maybe even give it a shot yourself.

Celebrate together with us and take a peek inside our established labs during guided lab tours.

Help us pick the winner of this year’s People’s choice image contest! Researchers have submitted fascinating images and videos for this, which will be displayed during the Open Campus for you to vote on. The images and videos you like best will receive a place in our Imaging and Optics Facility’s “Hall of Fame”.

As part of the ISTA school contest “We are ScientISTA!”we asked students who are working on their VWA or diploma thesis in the STEM field to submit their work. Five of the most innovative works will be honored and presented at the award ceremony during Open Campus.

Crazy Science Show: From plasma cannons to satellite propulsion: Bernhard Weingartner is once again bringing exciting experiments to the Lecture Hall. Some of them you can try out at home, others you definitely can’t replicate! The crowds for the show are always enormous – that’s why there are two rounds this year: choose whether you’d rather be there at 2 pm or 4:30 pm.


HUMAN – MODL – WORLD: When trying to make sense of ourselves, the world and all the models and proxies in between, images are an important tool for science: Together with other institutions of the Bridge Network, ISTA has collected some of the latest scientific images straight our of the laboratories and minds of researchers across various disciplines: From tiny cellular structures to regions that are close to the edge of the observable universe – come by and see what our researchers are currently looking at!

In addition to the activities on campus, there is also the opportunity to take tours at the museum gugging! A standard tour for everyone who is new to intensive engagement with the museum gugging. During the introduction, visitors learn the exciting history of the world-famous Gugging artists from their beginnings, through the creation of the “Haus der Künstler” and the “galerie gugging”, to the opening of the museum gugging in 2006.

For the youngest visitors, the on-site children’s station offers the opportunity to live out their creative potential on a “construction site banner-sized” format with bright colors and thick brushes.

During all these exciting activities, it’s easy to get hungry, but don’t worry, we’ve got your back! Enjoy some delicious food during your stay with food trucks from “Wrap Stars”, “The Burgery”, “Michl’s Heiße Hütte“, “Thai-tastisch“, “Kimbo Dogs” und “Chateau Kierling“. For dessert we have ice cream ready for you and your kids. And for the adults there will be coffee.

Kimbodogs ISTA Open Campus
Leonardelli Ice Cream ISTA Open Campus

Throughout all this, our DJs will entertain you with great music in the genres of soul, funk, and downbeat.


Take advantage of our shuttle service! Our buses will comfortably take you from Vienna Heiligenstadt and Tulln main station to the campus grounds and back home every hour from 11:30 am. They are marked with the inscription “Forschungsfahrt ISTA”.

Shuttle Bus Schedule Tulln
Haltestelle Tulln Hauptbahnhof
Bahnhofstraße 96, 3430 Tulln an der Donau

Shuttle Bus Schedule Vienna
Haltestelle Heiligenstadt
Boschstraße 10, 1190 Wien

For more information on how to reach the campus, please click here.

If you decide to make the trip to the Open Campus by bike you can find out how to get there here!


All participants of the Open Campus agree to our privacy policy regarding recordings during the event and the use of the images. See also ISTA data privacy statement.

In case you have any questions please send us an e-mail to


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