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The ISTA Foundation

The proceeds of the fundraising campaign “Be A Giant” go to the Non-Profit Private Foundation for the Promotion of Basic Research at ISTA, which will invest these proceeds and the income from the exploitation of intellectual property rights to inventions by ISTA scientists.

Foundation Board

Chair: Wolfgang Ruttenstorfer
Deputy Chair: Reinhard Jahn
Members: Wilhelm Hemetsberger, Alexander Hartig

Advisory Council

Chair: Wolfgang Eder
Deputy Chair: Laurence Yansouni
Members: Stefan Weber, Franz Viehböck, Iain Mattaj, Martin Hetzer, Georg Schneider

Purpose of the foundation according to the foundation deed

“The purpose of the Foundation is to promote research activities serving science in Austria or teaching projects serving adult education in Austria which are relevant to the teaching of science and the arts and comply with the Universities Act 2002, as well as related scientific publications and documentation (this includes a transfer of knowledge and information to the public); in particular, the promotion of cutting-edge research in the field of basic research, especially in the natural sciences, formal sciences and engineering, as well as the promotion of young scientists, especially high-quality postgraduate education.”

Concluded projects

“Key Transparency at Scale,” conducted by Prof. Eleftherios Kokoris-Kogias (2022)

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