School Contest „My research – my discovery“

Schulwettbewerb 2022

Humans of all ages are inquisitive by nature. No matter if it is questions like „Why is the sky blue?“ or „How do neurons in the spinal chord develop from stem cells?”, we want to understand how the marvelous world of nature around and within us ticks.

Thanks to the work of scientists from all around the world our quality of life and life expectancy is better than ever before. We have walked on the moon and understood our relatedness to all living things on earth.

We invite you to follow your curiosity and share your story with us: What did you discover? What did fascinate you or which research question did you try to answer?

Send us your drawings, photos or videos from your discovery, or send us your school project, pre-scientific work or diploma thesis!

The best submissions will be selected by a jury and compiled into our annual book about the ISTA school contest. Take this chance to win prizes including a research day at Institute of Science and Technology Austria (ISTA)!

Submission period

You can send your submissions until May 31 at the latest.

Award ceremony

The award ceremony will take place at this year’s Open Campus event on Saturday, June 25, in Klosterneuburg.

All details on the submission categories and further information can be found on the flyer!

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