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March 30, 2016

Cyber-Physical Systems: the entire world is turning smart

From airbag chips to smart cities: “Cyber-physical Systems" create world where networks make life easier • The international science community meets for CPS Week in Vienna from April 11-14, 2016

Today computer software controls airbags in cars, the temperature of buildings and the timing of cardiac pacemakers. Software and physical components are increasingly integrated into network systems—so-called “Cyber-Physical Systems” (CPS)—for solving problems. Austria plays a leading role in this field, both in academic research and in industrial applications. Four major conferences in this area have been combined into the most important scientific event this year. Jointly organized by IST Austria, the Vienna University of Technology and AIT Austrian Institute of Technology, the CPS Week in Vienna will be held from April 11-14, 2016, with about one thousand researchers from all over the world visiting.

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