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February 5, 2018

Development for IST Park launched

Lower Austrian business agency ecoplus and IST Austria start development of technology and research center in Klosterneuburg

After more than four years of planning has passed, the development for IST Park has now started in Klosterneuburg. The area surrounding the Institute of Science and Technology Austria (IST Austria) will benefit considerably from the technology center. During the first development phase, nearly 50 new top-quality work places will be created and ca. 15 million euros will be invested in the building. The construction work will start as soon as the site has been set up, ensuring that the project can be completed by mid-2019.

IST Park is a technology and research center based on a shared initiative of the Lower Austrian business agency ecoplus and IST Austria. After its completion, it will provide its tenants with 2.500 square meters of customizable office and research space on two levels. It will serve as a hub for research institutions, spin-off companies and technology enterprises associated with IST Austria. During the planning of the building, emphasis was put on the sustainable development of the location and landscape.

For further information in German see the press release by ecoplus.


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