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September 9, 2022

Michael Gröller visits Michael-Gröller-Bridge

Entrepreneur demonstrates his long-standing support of ISTA with million-euro donation

Heinrich Und Michael Gröller (c) Anna Stöcher, ISTA
Heinrich and Michael Gröller (c) Anna Stöcher, ISTA

Recently, Michael Gröller and his son Heinrich visited the bridge over the B14, which was officially opened in July and connects the ISTA campus with the neighboring technology park. The naming of the structure after Michael Gröller was done out of gratitude and in recognition of the entrepreneur’s support of ISTA. The Gröller family has continuously supported ISTA for more than a decade, most recently with a donation of one million euros from the “Michael Gröller Foundation”. ISTA President Thomas A. Henzinger thanked Michael Gröller: “Your reliable and lasting support proves that basic research and industry are not contradictory, but inspire each other. You are setting an example that may inspire many imitators to do the same. ISTA owes you a great debt of gratitude!”

The elegant infrastructure project, with a span of 45 meters, was designed by the Catalan team RCR Arquitectes, which was awarded the Pritzker Prize – effectively the Nobel Prize for Architecture.

Read more about the opening and the structure here:


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