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September 20, 2008

Touring in the rain

Campus Tour offers interesting insights

Defying the unfriendly weather 50 visitors participated in the Campus Tour on September 20 2008. Leading from the Head Office into the compound the Tour offered a unique opportunity to witness the current construction activities: The foundation of the Lecture Hall has been laid, the core removal of the Central Building has been almost completed and the construction of the new access road and the collector is proceeding according to plan. The visitors were taken to three viewpoints on the site and overlooking the site. The final station was the art festival at the Museum Gugging. More information on the construction process and on further developments at IST Austria will be given at an information evening for the citizens of Klosterneuburg on October 9, 7.00 p.m., at the ball room of the Raiffeisenkassa, Rathausplatz 7.


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