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Inspection and characterization

Physical Property Measurement System

PPMS QD-DynaCool

PPMS QD DynaCool is a multifunctional instrument for measuring various material properties over a range of temperature (400K – 1.8 K) and applied magnetic field (± 14T). This system is capable of cooling a standard PPMS sample puck from 300K to a stable 1.9K, in under 40 minutes. Currently, the system is equipped with options for measuring electrical transport, thermal transport, magnetic torque and heat capacity. A horizontal rotator option also available for the sample to be rotated with respect to the applied field axis while performing resistivity measurements.

Technical specifications:
1) Electrical Transport Option (ETO): Simultaneous measurement of resistance or hall effect on up to two channels with phase angle and quadrature voltage can be measured using ETO option. Pre selected frequencies for channels 1 and 2 prevent cross talk and maximize signal to noise ratio and resistance can be measured from 1 μΩ – 10 MΩ using a four-wire setup or from 10 MΩ – 5 GΩ using a two-wire connection. Additional functions like I V curve profiling and differential resistance measurements also possible.
2) Resistivity (DC): The resistivity option is very similar to ETO but has 3 channels so up to 3 samples can be measured simultaneously. This option is suitable for samples for smaller measurement range (10 µ Ω to 4 M Ω) and a lower maximum excitation current (5 mA).
3) Thermal Transport Option (TTO): Using TTO all three constituent experimental parameters of the thermoelectric figure of merit (ZT) can be measured simultaneously and continuously as a function of temperature. ZT is automatically calculated and can be evaluated across the full range of temperature (1.9 to 400K) and field fields (+/-14T).
4) Heat Capacity Option (HCO): The Heat Capacity Option support a puck based microcalorimeter design capable of measuring sample heat capacity across the full range of temperature and field. Typical measurements collect heat capacity as a function of temperature and constant field are possible after using the automated field calibration function of the software.
5) Vibration Sample Magnetometer Option (VSM): The VSM measures magnetic properties of samples using a motor mounted on top of the sample chamber. The static (DC) magnetic moment of the sample can be measured as a function of temperature or field. Measurements as a function of sweeping the temperature or field are also possible.
6) Horizontal Rotator Option: The Horizonal Rotator option allows samples to be measured at any angle with respect to the magnetic field. It does not do measurements by itself but can be used with either the ETO or resistivity options.

User Support and  Scientific Advice:

Responsible:  Lubuna Shafeek

Substitute: Juan Luis Aguilera

Optical microscopes

NIKON Microscope L 200 N

NIKON Microscope L 200 N  Offers 200 mm wafer and mask inspection capabilities for both transmitted and reflected light illumination. The microscope includes Episcopic Illumination, objectives 2,5 for bright field and 5x, 10x, 20x,  50x, 100x for bright- and dark field, trinocular tilting tube and motorized nosepiece,  light intensity control, and aperture diaphragm control.

  • 6-position mechanical objective with optical magnifications (5x, 10x, 20x, 50x and 100x)
  • 6-inch chuck
  • CMOS camera
  • Built-in Episcopic Illumination: 12V/100W halogen lamp light source
  • Built-in power sources for motorized control
  • Motorized control for nosepiece: CFI eyepiece lens series
  • Light intensity control
  • Aperture diaphragm control

User Support and  Scientific Advice:

Responsible: Bruno Magalhaes

Substitute:  Lubuna Shafeek



AlphaStep D-600 Stylus Profiler 

The Alpha-Step D-600 Stylus Profiler is a high resolution 2D & 3D profiling, 2D stress, profile stitching – in an easy-to-use platform. This system includes a 200 mm motorized stage, with 150 mm x 178 mm X-Y range of motion and an optical lever sensor technology. The system also includes advanced optics and enhanced video controls for sample visualization.

  • Manual X/Y stage 4-inch travel and 360 degree rotation
  • Vacuum chuck, 1 to 15mg force
  • Highest vertical range at 1200 μm
  • Low force measurements at 0.03 to 15 mg
  • Step height repeatability of 5 Å on a 1 μm step
  • High resolution 5 MP color camera with 4x digital zoom
  • Software features: Keystone correction, arc correction, sequencing, and automated stitching
  • Intuitive user interface 

User Support and  Scientific Advice:

Responsible:  Bruno Magalhaes

Substitute:  Lubuna Shafeek

DC probe station

150 COAX probe station is a dedicated 150 mm manual probe system for electrical testing on wafers or chips, with a maximum of 4 independent terminals. The chuck is compatible with wafer sizes up to 150 mm. A microscope with 15x – 100x magnification and LED illumination camera is used to center the probe needles on the contact pads. Three axis movement of the probe needles with the manual manipulators allows electrical and SOFT mechanical contact.  This probe station is coupled to Keithley 2450 Graphical Source Meter (SMU). Wide variety of applications are possible, such as I-V/C-V, RF, mm-Wave and sub-THz measurements, device characterization, failure analysis (FA), submicron probing, MEMS, and optoelectronic engineering tests.

User Support and  Scientific Advice:

Responsible: Juan Luis Aguilera

Substitute:  Lubuna Shafeek


FS-1 Multi-Wavelength Ellipsometer

The FS-1 Multi Wavelength Ellipsometer acquires ellipsometric data across 4 discrete bands in the visible spectrum, with the bands centered at 465 nm (blue), 525 nm (green), 580 nm (yellow), and 635 nm (red). It enable unique determination of film thickness for transparent films and determine additional sample parameters such as surface roughness, multiple film thicknesses, and index dispersion. 

User Support and  Scientific Advice:

Responsible:  Rodolfo Previdi 

Substitute:  Lubuna Shafeek

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