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Computer Graphics and Physics Simulation

Computer simulations of natural phenomena are indispensable for modern scientific discoveries, modern engineering, and the digital arts. The Wojtan group uses techniques from physics, geometry, and computer science to create efficient simulations and detailed computer animations.

Natural phenomena like flowing fluids and shattering solids are both beautifully chaotic and overwhelmingly complex. This complexity makes them extremely difficult to compute without the aid of a supercomputer. The Wojtan group overcomes this complexity by combining laws of motion from physics, geometric theories from mathematics, and algorithmic optimizations from computer science to efficiently compute highly complicated natural phenomena on consumer-grade computing hardware. Their research achieves some of the world’s fastest and most detailed simulations through a deeper understanding of the underlying mathematical models and inventing novel computational techniques.

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Current Projects

Efficient simulation of fluid and fracture dynamics | Numerical and geometric algorithms for solving partial differential equations | Algorithms for re-using simulation data | Computational physics applied to motion pictures, video games, and virtual reality


Sperl G, Narain R, Wojtan CJ. 2021. Mechanics-aware deformation of yarn pattern geometry. ACM Transactions on Graphics. 40(4), 168. View

Sperl G, Narain R, Wojtan CJ. 2021. Mechanics-Aware Deformation of Yarn Pattern Geometry (Additional Animation/Model Data), IST Austria, 10.15479/AT:ISTA:9327. View

Jeschke S, Hafner C, Chentanez N, Macklin M, Müller-Fischer M, Wojtan CJ. 2020. Making procedural water waves boundary-aware. Computer Graphics forum. 39(8), 47–54. View

Sperl G, Narain R, Wojtan CJ. 2020. Homogenized yarn-level cloth. ACM Transactions on Graphics. 39(4), 48. View

Ishida S, Synak P, Narita F, Hachisuka T, Wojtan CJ. 2020. A model for soap film dynamics with evolving thickness. ACM Transactions on Graphics. 39(4), 31. View

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since 2015 Professor, IST Austria
2011 – 2014 Assistant Professor, IST Austria
2010 PhD, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, USA

Selected Distinctions

2016 ACM SIGGRAPH Significant New Researcher Award
2015 Eurographics Young Researcher Award
2015 Eurographics Günter Enderle Best Paper Award
2014 ERC Starting Grant
2013 Microsoft Visual Computing Award
2011 Georgia Institute of Technology Sigma Chi Best PhD Thesis Award
2005 National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship

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