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February 14, 2012

French attaché tours IST Austria

French attaché tours IST Austria

Jean-Luc Steffan, attaché for science and university cooperation at the French embassy in Vienna, and his colleague Maxime Enderli, commissioner for science and technology, today visited the Institute of Science and Technology Austria. Laurenz Niel, head of academic affairs, and Oliver Lehmann, in charge of media relations, gave them a cordial welcome on the campus and then introduced them to the founding principles and organizational structure of IST Austria. Their presentation was followed by a joint campus tour in the course of which the visitors met with postdoctoral fellows from France. Biologist Christine Moussion, Biophysicist Guillaume Chevereau, and Biologist Jean-Leon Maitre presented their research work in the Sixt, Bollenbach and Heisenberg Group, respectively. Both Mr. Steffan and Mr. Enderli took a great interest in the basic research performed at IST Austria and showed themselves impressed by the development of the research institute.


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