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February 3, 2015

IST Austria awarded for family friendliness

IST Austria undergoes workandfamily audit • Basic certificate awarded by Federal Ministry of Families and Youth

Since its beginning, the Institute of Science and Technology Austria (IST Austria) has tried to support all employees in balancing family and work in their lives. It is important for employees to enjoy a family life and at the same time to advance in their careers.

In order to further improve the situation for its employees with care responsibilities, IST Austria decided to participate in the “workandfamily” audit. Supervised by the Austrian Federal Ministry of Families and Youth, this sustainable results-oriented quality management instrument can be run by all enterprises in-house to combine economic benefits and family-friendly measures.

The project team for the audit started its work in spring 2014 and developed a set of family-friendly measures to increase employee satisfaction and motivation. For its efforts so far, IST Austria received the audit’s “basic certificate” in a festive ceremony in November 2014. Once all new measures are implemented, the research institute will be awarded the “full certificate” in fall 2017.

“In the light of the international mobility of our scientists, measures that support the compatibility of work and family life have always been a matter of course for IST Austria,” says Georg Schneider, Managing Director at IST Austria.


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