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November 14, 2013

Josef Pröll visits IST Austria

Josef Pröll paid IST Austria a visit.

Josef Pröll Tom Henzinger 2013 IST Austria

Yesterday, Josef Pröll, president of the Ludwig-Boltzmann-Society (LBG), paid IST Austria a visit. Accompanied by Claudia Lingner, the managing director of LBG, Pröll was briefed by Tom Henzinger and Georg Schneider on the recent developments and the future plans. Pröll currently also serves as CEO of LLI, a major mill company in Central Europe, which is part of the Raiffeisen group, one of the biggest donors of IST Austria. In 2006, Pröll was a member of the government which introduced the law that brought IST Austria into existence. The LBG is an extramural Austrian research organization that has undergone a remarkable restructuring process in the past years.


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