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August 18, 2014

New textbook on topology shapes up

Professor Edelsbrunner publishes new textbook on topology

Herbert Edelsbrunner, Professor at IST Austria, has published a new textbook, called „A short course in computational geometry and topology“ (Springer). Covering both fundamental topics and topics relevant to applications, the textbook aims to bring the subject of Computational Geometry and Topology closer to all scientists who deal with shapes in their work. The material covered ranges from the roots of geometry and topology, tessellations, complexes, to homology and persistence.  The book is based on a Computational Geometry and Topology course Herbert Edelsbrunner taught in the IST Austria graduate school, together with group members Paul Bendich and Michael Kerber. As the courses of IST Austria’s graduate school are aimed at a mixed group of students – mathematicians, computer scientists, biologists and neuroscientists – Herbert Edelsbrunner’s textbook is geared to a similarly diverse audience.

Further information on the textbook can be found on the Springer website.


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