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June 16, 2020

Pioneers at the intersection of sciences

IST Austria and NOMIS Foundation launch fellowship program focusing on interdisciplinary research and mentoring

Fellows will explore fundamental questions across multiple disciplines and cultivate novel research areas. / IST Austria
Fellows will explore fundamental questions across multiple disciplines and cultivate novel research areas. © IST Austria

Our world is incredibly complex. The more we learn, the level of complexity increases, and new questions emerge. No single expert nor discipline can find answers to all these new questions. Quantum computing, bioinformatics, or other novel technologies require input from several spheres of science. Due to the nature of these fields, interactions are not necessarily straightforward and researchers determined to answer fundamental crosscutting questions may lack the right environment to perform such exploration.

To tackle this issue, the Institute of Science and Technology Austria (IST Austria) and the NOMIS Foundation have launched the NOMIS Fellowship Program at IST Austria, enabling top scientists to establish themselves as leaders at the intersection of scientific disciplines.

One of the founding principles of IST Austria is interdisciplinarity. Although interdisciplinary research is challenging, it also offers enormous potential for understanding the driving forces of our planet, society, or health. With a new fellowship tailored to train postdoctoral scientists in interdisciplinary research, IST Austria and the NOMIS Foundation are paving the way for future “thought leaders.” Each year, two fellows will gain access to world-class research facilities and resources to explore high-risk research concepts. Experts from various disciplines will counsel the fellows, helping them to thrive and establish their careers as scientific leaders following the program. The fellowships also foster institutional and international exchange by allowing the inclusion of outstanding external mentors.

Scientists who have demonstrated significant, flexibility, creativity, and collaboration within any of the research fields established at IST Austria can apply to the program. Applicants should have two to four years of postdoctoral experience and must have a current affiliation to an academic institution. The closing date for the 2020 call for proposals is Sept. 3, 2020 (14:00 CET).

NOMIS Foundation

The NOMIS Foundation supports and enables insight-driven science across all disciplines, focusing on researchers who put forth bold new ideas, exhibit a pioneering spirit and seek to inspire the world around them. The foundation’s vision is to “create a spark” in the world of science by enabling pioneering research in the natural sciences, social sciences and the humanities that benefits humankind and our planet.

The foundation serves as a catalyst for scientific and human progress by supporting interdisciplinary research, establishing collaborative research networks and developing strategic partnerships. In addition to providing financial support, NOMIS endeavors to develop and strengthen the conditions conducive to the pursuit of high-risk basic research.


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