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October 28, 2011

Science Minister of Costa Rica visits IST Austria

Science Minister of Costa Rica visits IST Austria

On Friday, October 28, the Minister for Science and Technology of the Republic of Costa Rica, Mr. Alejandro Cruz Molina, together with Mr. Herbert Espinoza Solano, Counselor of the Embassy of Costa Rica in Austria and Consul General, and Mr. Francisco Abellan Centeno, First Embassy Secretary of the Embassy of Costa Rica in Austria, visited the Institute of Science and Technology (IST) Austria.

IST President Thomas Henzinger presented the founding principles of the Institute as well as the progress in establishing and developing IST Austria. The presentation was followed by a tour of the campus, during which Messrs. Cruz Molina, Espinoza Solano and Abellan Centeno met postdoc Jose Guzman and visited the neuroscience laboratories in the Bertalanffy Foundation Building. Mr Cruz Molina showed special interest in the focus on basic rather than applied research and the freedom and support scientists enjoy in their research at IST Austria. Another point of interest to Mr Cruz Molina was the graduate school and its aim to educate doctoral students both from Austria and around the world. Tom Henzinger expressed that the Institute would be delighted to receive applications from prospective students from Costa Rica.


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