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January 17, 2012

Swiss delegation visits IST Austria

Swiss delegation visits IST Austria

On Tuesday, January 17, the Ambassador to Switzerland, Dr. Urs Breiter, and the Attache for Science, Ms. Anna Ifkovits Horner, paid a visit to the Institute of Science and Technology (IST) Austria.  After welcoming them on the campus Dr. Laurenz Niel, head of Academic Affairs, gave a presentation on the development and organization of IST Austria. His presentation was followed by a campus tour and meetings with scientists from Switzerland. Assistant Professor Harald Janovjak showed the delegation around the laboratory and the zebra fish facility. As a biophysicist, he is interested in understanding how cells sense and process signals from the environment. Assistant Professor Krzysztof Pietrzak received them in his office and introduced them to theoretical and practical aspects of cryptography. Computer scientist Pietrzak focuses on constructing secure cryptographic schemes for light-weight devices. Dr. Urs Breiter and Ms. Anna Ifkovits Horner were deeply impressed by the research conducted in the natural and mathematical sciences and the interdisciplinary interaction between scientists at IST Austria.


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