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June 24, 2011

Ticket price for IST Shuttle Bus reduced

Two major adaptations to be made in the operation of the IST Shuttle Bus (VOR Line 242) after four-month pilot phase

As of July 1, the express fee of 60 cents for each ride will be reduced to 20 cents. The fee will then amount to 2 Euros for a one-way ticket. The reduction of the express fee will be tested for one year and evaluated afterwards.

As of September 5, the schedule of the IST Shuttle Bus will be extended to include two additional runs at 7:48 pm and 8:48 pm from IST Campus in Maria Gugging to U4 station in Vienna Heiligenstadt. The IST Shuttle Bus will then operate from Monday to Friday every hour between 8:48 am and 8:48 pm.


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