Careers in Science

Careers in Science

We provide a world-class environment for science and an attractive destination for PhD students, postdocs, and professors from all countries.

We are committed to the highest international academic standards, integrity, equality and diversity on campus, as well as respect and recognition for all.

Faculty positions

IST Austria offers tenure-track Assistant Professor and tenured Professor positions. We offer state-of-the-art facilities, scientific support services, as well as competitive start-up packages and salaries.


Scientists interested in conducting postdoctoral research at IST Austria can apply year-round by contacting professors directly, or by applying for a fellowship if available.

PhD students

IST Austria is looking for highly motivated, exceptional students who are passionate about scientific research and are driven to succeed. Students who will have completed a bachelor’s degree by September are invited to apply. The deadline for applications is at the beginning of January.

Internships for BSc and MSc Students

Bachelor’s and master’s degrees students are encouraged to apply for the ISTernship program, IST Austria’s summer internship program. Students from all over the world come to IST Austria to work closely with a faculty or research group member for a period of 8 to 12 weeks between May and September. Students can also apply for a year-round scientific internship to collaborate with a particular research group for up to one year.

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