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July 16, 2015

IST Austria researcher presents realistic simulations of natural phenomena

Chris Wojtan with four papers at the ACM SIGGRAPH • Realistic computer simulations of complex processes in the physical world

Chris Wojtan

Chris Wojtan, professor at the Institute of Science and Technologies (IST Austria), is going to present as many as four contributions at the most renowned conference for computer graphics and interactive techniques—the ACM SIGGRAPH—this August.

The focus of his research is the realistic simulation of complex processes in the physical world. The first conference paper presents research that allows the highly realistic representation of water waves that stays true to detail even in close-up view without any computational delay. In another example, liquid and air flows are simulated in detailed bubble interactions such as pouring of liquid into a funnel. Due to the very different density levels, stable simulations have been a challenge up until now. Further contributions deal with realistic computer animations of multiple cohesive soap bubbles as well as the computation and representation of realistic fractures with a high-resolution surface texture.

All contributions have in common that the focus on the most important details from complex mathematics leads to a dramatic increase in processing speed and an improvement of realistic impression at the same time.

Chris Wojtan adds: “We hope these advances will create a strong foundation for both real-time video game physics as well as large scale engineering simulations.”

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