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Crazy Shapes

What do a donut and a coffee cup have in common? Can you really turn a ring into a picture frame with a single cut? Find out yourself, in this week of Pop-up Science on topology, the science of crazy shapes!

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Activities for this week

DIY Experiment – Tricks with strips

Can you cut a paper ring with a single cut such that it forms a bigger ring? Find out about this and other tricks with the help of our young scientists Eva and Elisabeth. Can you discover all of the hidden shapes?

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Science leaflet

In this week’s science leaflet you’ll find a puzzling handcuff riddle to try with a friend. Learn more about topology and read the story of a young lady who escaped from an evil king thanks to topology!

Interview with a topology researcher

Our expert Kristóf Huszár talks about how he became a fan of mathematics. He also reveals whether it is true that topologists cannot distinguish between a donut and a coffee cup.

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