„Supergscheit!“ The spectacular experiment show

Have you ever carried out an experiment and asked yourself: Can it be bigger?
Welcome to the science show with super clever questions! Observe with us everyday phenomena, understand their importance for cutting-edge research, and watch us trying out crazy experiments.
Have fun watching our three-part show with the “Wow”!

Supergscheit! How bright is dark?

Bernhard Weingartner asks himself the super clever question: How bright is dark? With the help of Julia Michalska, neuroscientist at IST Austria, he finds his beloved yellow chocolate beans and plays with fluorescence. Have you ever seen a car race under ultraviolet radiation? In the end, an explosive side note: Light has a lot of energy and it can be dangerous!

Homebuilt Microscope Setup: Wiebke Jahr, Danzl Group, IST Austria
Fluorescent Cells: Julia Michalska, Danzl Group, IST Austria

Supergscheit! – How powerful is air?

In the second episode, Bernhard Weingartner goes after another smart question: How powerful is air? Blowing on birthday candles is easy. However, in times of Coronavirus we have to keep a distance, so that no virus can reach the cake. How is it even possible to blow out candles from 3 meters away?

Image copyright: Videos flow experiments: J. Kühnen, M. Riedl, D. Scarselli, B. Hof, Hof Group, IST Austria

Supergscheit! – How hot is the cold?

In the third episode, Bernhard Weingartner goes after another smart question: How hot is the cold? Quantum computers love the cold. This is why in the laboratory of IST Austria physicist Andrea Hofmann, the temperature is as low as -273 °C. This is colder than in space! Find out why, in this episode of Supergscheit!

Video Qubit: Daniel Jirovec, Katsaros Group, IST Austria
Photo of measurement setup: Georgios Katsaros, Katsaros Group, IST Austria

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