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Bouncy eggs & batteries

How can you transform a normal egg into a bouncy egg? What do bouncy eggs and tooth cavities have in common? And where can you find the world’s smallest batteries? (Hint: They are closer than you might think!) – This week of Pop-up Science is all about chemistry.

In addition, check back on Thursday for this week of the Supergscheit! show.

Activities for this week

DIY Experiment – The bouncy egg

Eva and Elisabeth show how to make a bouncy egg using vinegar. But then, a mishap occurs …

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Science leaflet – The chemistry of bouncy eggs

So what is chemistry all about, and what is the connection between brushing your teeth and this week’s DIY Experiment? And why did the master baker almost blow up his neighbor’s house? Check it out in the science leaflet.

Interview with a chemistry professor

Professor Stefan Freunberger is all passionate about chemistry. Meet him and learn if it’s true that lemons can be used as batteries and where world’s smallest batteries can be found? Also, he has a personal message for all young minds with a curiousity for chemistry.

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