The Central Building with its approx. 9'000 sqm is home to theoretical research groups, the Raiffeisen Lecture Hall, the Mondi seminar center, the guest house and the cafeteria/restaurant.

The Bertalanffy Foundation Building with its approx. 4'000 sqm houses experimental research groups active in the life sciences.

The Lab Building East with its approx. 7'000 sqm accommodates research groups from neuroscience.

Lab Building West, opened in December 2015, has 10’000 sqm floor area spread over six floors for up to 300 people in 30 research groups.

The Cafeteria offers freshly cooked food and serves as a meeting point for all employees on campus.

The voestalpine Building hosts the office of the President, the Managing Director and administrative units.

The 2nd Administration Building has a connecting bridge to the voestalpine Building and provides room for approximately 85 work places.