Bioimaging Facility

The Bioimaging Facility team supports cell biologists by providing a number of state-of-the-art microscopes and flow cytometry equipment. Currently, eight confocal microscopes, two climatised fluorescent microscopes, two TIRF microscopes, a spinning disc/laser microdissection microscope, a spinning disc/multiangle TIRF/FRAP microscope, two multiphoton microscopes with portable multichannel FLIM detector, a probing atomic-force microscope, a SPIM, a neuron tracking microscope (Neurolucida) and a bioluminescence imaging box are available. The facility also supports Fluorescence-assisted cells sorting services (FACS), image analysis and optical development projects.

For specific further facility details, please visit the Bioimaging Facility web page:

On this site:


  • Basic and advanced training for using the equipment
  • Customer-oriented project support
  • Image analysis support, including creation of custom image analysis scripts in MATLAB
  • Optical development of customer-defined instruments

To use our services, the following steps are needed: 

  1. Contact our team at
  2. Get initial introduction for Bioimaging Facility services
  3. For external customers only: cooperation contract between IST Austria and your institution is necessary before you can obtain services 
  4. Obtain special training from a Bioimaging Facility staff member for any piece of equipment that is required in your research. The training is obligatory before you use any piece of equipment for the first time.
  5. Book equipment and personal assistance via a booking system



FACS / Flow Cytometry

Image Analysis

Bioimaging Facility Lectures

BIF orientation and specific technique trainings for Newcomers
on demand

Basic Light and Electron Microscopy Course
Introduction to light and electron microscopy
Sample preparation for electron microscopy
Facility tour (not hands-on)

For hands-on-groups limited to 16 persons
5 days block, end of September 

taught together with Electron Microscopy Facility



Yann Cesbron

Advanced Microscopy


Nasser Darwish-Miranda

Advanced Microscopy


Joachim Garbrecht

Advanced Microscopy


Mohammad Goudarzi

Advanced Microscopy


Anna Hapek-Sikora

Advanced Microscopy

+43 2243 9000 1161


Senior Staff Scientist

+43 2243 9000 1047


Paul Heinz



Gabriel Krens

Manager of Bioimaging Facility

+43 2243 9000 1700


Doreen Milius

Advanced Microscopy

+43 2243 9000 1061


Judit Singer

Advanced Microscopy


Christoph Sommer

Staff Scientist


Institute of Science and Technology Austria
c/o Bioimaging Facility
Am Campus 1, A-3400 Klosterneuburg, Austria

Office: Bertalanffy Foundation building, ground floor

Scientific Head of Bioimaging Facility:
Mario de Bono

Contact for general facility questions:

Contact Manager:

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