The Preclinical Facility (PCF) supports all life scientists using laboratory rodents for their research.

All animals in the Facility are strictly kept according to the valid National and European law regulation and fulfill international recommendations and demands in terms of animal health, genetic monitoring and animal welfare.

Additionally IST Austria commits to the 3Rs principle for ethical use of animals in order to promote the most dignified and respectful practice in dealing with animals in connection with scientific research. Read more about the 3Rs principle and the statement of IST Austria concerning its contribution in fulfilling the ethical responsibility of the use of animals in scientific research.

Main Tasks

  • maintenance of mouse and rat strains
  • genetic monitoring of all animals
  • transgenic services
  • providing space and equipment for behavioral studies of rodents
  • veterinary support
  • administrative support for scientists
  • training and education of all staff working with our laboratory rodents regarding ethical, legal issues, and techniques of animal handling