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Event: Invitation to the 2nd Think & Drink “IST Alumni!“

Stefan Huber was at IST Austria from 2013 to 2015 as a postdoc in the Edelsbrunner Group. He is now a researcher at Bernecker + Rainer in industrial R&D. He will talk about his research but also about his career and about what it is like to work in industrial R&D.

ACOPOStrak: A next-generation transport system in automation industry

ACOPOStrak is a new kind of transport system for industrial machines developed at B&R Industrial Automation. It is founded on a so-called long-stator linear motor technology in a particular way that allows for diverging and merging flows of transport elements. The individually movable transport elements operate in a workspace of non-trivial topology in a way that is integrated to an existing world of motion control of single axes and robots in industrial automation. This gives rise to many interesting problems within control theory, logistics, process optimization, real-time motion planing, and software modelling at different locations on the R&D spectrum.

Friday 15th of December 2017, Mondi 2
4pm : Scientific talk / 4:30pm : Q&A session about career development / 5pm : Refreshments

IST Alumni! Stefan Huber:
• Postdoc in the Edelsbrunner Group from 2013 to 2015.
• Group leader and researcher at Bernecker + Rainer in industrial R&D since 2015.
• His field: “In February 2015 I joined the automation company B&R to work on a next-generation motion product within an R&D project. I am responsible for the PLC software operating this new type of motion product, for which I developed the concepts and architectures, mathematical models and core algorithms. I am heading a small group of experts that focus on the development of the algorithms and mathematics in the software core.”

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