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Event: Invitation to the 6th Think & Drink “IST Alumni!“ Sebastian Novak

Sebastian Novak did his PhD at IST Austria in Nick Barton’s group. He is a mathematician by training and published on a wide range of topics like game theory, fungal pathogen dynamics, stress-induced mutagenesis, and the evolution of dispersal. In his PhD thesis, he investigated different aspects of fluctuating selection and their impact on genetic variation. After his PhD, Sebastian stayed at IST Austria as a postdoc for a few months to wrap up his remaining projects, before accepting a job as business consultant in a Vienna-based consultancy. His clients are internationally operating vehicle manufacturing companies, where he learned a lot about (non-scientific) project management, process optimization, corporate governance, collaboration models, and – of course – the automotive industry.

Sebastian will talk about what it is like to switch from academia to consulting and give insights into his current projects, where he helps to build up the IT infrastructure required to develop, test and approve highly automated driving functions.

Friday 22nd of Febuary 2019, Mondi
5pm : Scientific talk and Q&A session about career development / 5.30pm : Refreshments

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