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News: Congratulation: Computer Scientist Morten Bojsen-Hansen receives Eurographics Best Thesis Award

Morten Bojsen-Hansen (IST alumni Wojtan group ‘2016) has been awarded Best PhD Thesis by the European Association for Computer Graphics (Eurographics) for his work on “Tracking, Correcting and Absorbing Water Surface Waves” under the supervision of Chris Wojtan. Eurographics is the premier professional organization for computer graphics in Europe, and the best PhD thesis winners are offered the opportunity to publish their state-of-the-art research in the Computer Graphics Forum journal. The committee recognized his strong technical contributions to water simulation techniques, especially in the areas of topology adaptation, tracking free fluid surfaces, and handling spatially and time-varying boundary flows. Since finishing his PhD, Morten Bojsen-Hansen has accepted a position in the Bifrost team at Autodesk Research, where he develops computational physics simulations for use in the visual effects and engineering industries.

Details on the Eurographics award and Eurographics 2017. There are also some pictures and videos from the event too.

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